prussian-birdie asked: Hey this is Intern Wendy, unfortunately school is already starting to become a bit of a challenge. What with the giant blind bats everywhere and endless hallways. I'm totally swamped! While my time here has been short and quiet, it is now over. Good bye for now Cecil. May you never have to navigate around a giant, angry (so very angry), blind bat.

Ah Wendy! this is terrible news!
If you’re sure… I mean… if you’re really really sure. You can’t come back…
Oh I’m just kidding. Of course you can. We hope to see you back at the station when your schedule frees up. Do your best in school, avoid all books and writing utensils, and be sure not to die. Thanks for your hard work here this summer!

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I’m so sorry! I know I promised you guys badge check-cards! I am the worst. I was hoping things would slow down after gishwhes but i’ve been picking up shifts at work to make a little extra money since magoro and elvistiel will be here for the next two weeks! (If you’re fans of my blog askphosphorus, then you should probably get pumped.) AND! We will all be attending NJcon together as well!

Anyway, eventually there will be updates here. I’ll try to be better about that… >.>;;

Alex knocks softly against the sound booth door after double checking the “on air” sign is off. They could definitely live without a warning from Station Management… If it gave warnings. The intern stands just outside the door for a few seconds, their right leg jiggling nervously. Both hands are stuffed into jean pockets. When the seconds have slipped away into the abyss, Alex opens the door and finds Cecil.

"Hey Cecil…" 

The intern curls their lips inwards and looks away. The right leg is back to wiggling again.

"So I was out at the Green Market and I found these.” 

They hold out their hand.

"They’re supposedly coffee candies. I know Station Management restricted your diet but these aren’t bad. Just a few pick me ups you know?" Alex shoots him a nervous smile, their arm outstretched in offering. 

Look at that! My heart is swelling, Tumblrs! And for the first time I can admit that it has nothing to do with infatuation or an excess blood production! This is solely an adoration swell. Don’t call an ambulance. 
No, really, don’t. They won’t come.

Thank you, Alex! This kind of thoughtfulness is bound to take you places!- Hopefully not too far away… there is still work to be done… We should all get back to working or not working, or doing whatever it is we do. I’ll keep these handy though.

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arsenicwolfbird asked: At this point, it is highly plausible. Alex and I are planning to do a joint intelligence-finding expedition, so I am pretty sure Alex didn't leave it for me. But, she is very nice. She likes to flutter, her little body is suprisingly floaty, as she flies with it in a line, not an upside U. Probably going to name her...Upsal, and introduce her to Raring tonight. I hope the two of them get along well with each other. Upsal looks like a baby, so she might get big, like Raring did.

That’s great news!
I’ll leave an inquary for Intern Chrissy ( chillintheair ) and see if we can’t get some funds coming your way to help you care for the animals. While I’m contractually obligated to admit NVCR takes no responsibility what-so-ever for the existence of these creatures or the bodily harm they may cause you or Alex, you have my personal support in your endeavor. Do be careful.

It’s extremely lucky that Khoshekh, Raring, and Upsal are so amiable. We can’t count on everything being that way though! There’s bound to be something not-so-nice in the station. (Just look at management!)

arsenicwolfbird asked: Cecil, I hope I am not bothering you right now, what with all of the new interns, but I was wondering if you were the one who put the small...I'm going to say winged snake? in the basket on the soundboard for me? I recall you saying that you were going to foster animals with me, and wanted to know if this was the first one, or if I am seeing things again (sometimes the sound board likes illusions).

You’re probably not seeing things! I mean, maybe you are, maybe we all are, but it’s probably not that snake. I didn’t put it there myself, but there was a note carved into soap at the front desk for me today about it being left there. Maybe one of the other Interns had it relocated from another part of the station so that it would be easier for you to find? It’s probably gotten around that you’re good with animals! (That might be my fault. It’s definitely my fault.)

Is it.. friendly at least?

pansexualpartypooper asked: I heard about your coffee restrictions, unfortunately I had already begun making a cup. If it makes you feel better, after that run in with the sentient lawn gnome, it's mostly just spider bodies floating in a small puddle of creme. Spiders are a great caffeine alternative, I'm sure management would agree. Actually I'm not sure. I'm never sure. Anyway, enjoy your coffee!

It does make me feel better! I’ll give it a try and listen carefully for movement from the door Management lurks behind. I’ve gotten very good at diving under my desk recently. (Which is good because i was concerned with the recent Strex take-over that I would be too out of practice to stay alive! )

Listen Em, if you aren’t too busy, I think nvcrinterntayla could use some help in the break room. I know you’re in there a lot. Maybe you could give her a few pointers about the stain behind the coffee machine. (Was it in a better mood today?)

nvcrintern-alex asked: Hey Cecil. I've volunteered for a coffee run so... how do ya like it?

As much as I hate to pass on coffee. (I do. I really really do.) There’s been an influx of interns and you know how that bodes for my caffeine intake. After the last outburst, management has put me on a very strict and very monitored diet. I can have coffee again in exactly…. oh… 18 hours, 23 minutes, and 2 seconds.

Do make sure to ask the other interns though! I mean, how often do they get to have someone else bringing them coffee? It’s like a bloodless holiday!

Carlos the Scientist

because I miss interacting with this beautiful jerk. this is a tribute post.

nvcrinterntayla asked: Hi, Intern Tayla here, just want to say to let me know any time that there are animals that need to be fostered. My apartment gets real lonely

Well there hasn’t been any recent invasion of creatures in the station, but there is that peculiar stain on the wall behind the coffee maker in the break room which may or may not be sentient! (The stain, not the break room. We know the break room is sentient.) It seems to be shifting as of late, as if breathing. As if… some tiny little heart beats somewhere under it’s tarnished plaster surface.
I’m sure, like your apartment, it also gets lonely.
It may be old, but you can tell by its disinterest in wandering, that it at least is a loyal thing of being. Perhaps you should consider paying it a visit and seeing if you can find some way to coerce it off the wall. nvcrintern-alex has all sorts of fun “coercing” gadgets over in the storage closet. They can probably help.

I hope you guys take on dragons, there’s a surprising lack of dragon friendly businesses around here….wonder why. 

I hope you guys take on dragons, there’s a surprising lack of dragon friendly businesses around here….wonder why.